Liars are NOT LEADERS! by Michael Mercieca


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Guest post from Michael Mercieca….the ‘man who beat Microsoft’ (see previous posts for backstory).

He posted a piece on his LinkedIn account today and I think it’s well worth a read. original post here –>

Liars are NOT LEADERS! by Michael Mercieca

I agree with the post by Dan Rust and its clarification of the process and catalysts for this very clear transition. That said, the narcissism and the sociopathic behavior, (because that’s what it is), that goes along with this erodes the basis of a high functioning society at all levels business and personal; that is trust.

I am saddened by the Brian Williams saga as I held him in high esteem. Also, reporting the news should be about facts and not editorialzation and sensationalism, which sadly now seems the norm. When people in managerial and leadership positions cross this line, (that includes non managerial influential positions), it makes it more acceptable for them and for others to continue to do so. Any role of influence comes with responsibility and to stay in integrity is hard. If it wasn’t we would all naturally gravitate to it wouldn’t we?

I think society is suffering from a growing moral bankruptcy on so many levels but particularly in business. I have suffered personally at the hands of liars in management positions that resulted in litigation to ascertain the truth. I called out the lies, was vindicated and the evidence on my part was irrefutable – that said, despite the proof and acknowledgment of the proof by the defendant, these people were promoted and still work in leadership positions at the Microsoft Corporation. One of the most prominent and influential corporations in the world. One is in Microsoft education…how can this be explained or rationalized? Revenue generation? Customer satisfaction? Growth or shareholder value?

I have and continue to hold my teenage son to a higher standard than adults and particularly businesses seem to do. What future does that hold for him and all our children’s futures? When America sneezes, the world catches a cold….what I mean by this is that the world looks to America, like it or not, for its innovation and ideals and moral compass. Don’t believe me, just ask any business leaders such as Bill Gates who spoke to this.

When you lie as a manager/leader…you are no longer a leader. Period. You are the sum of your actions and NOT your job title.

The lesson is simply this…”What we all tolerate we teach”